Shaping the Future. Together. The innovative solutions provided by GF Piping Systems are quick and easy to plan, install and deliver, using high-quality, long-life products and cutting-edge services that ensure smooth operation with a low total cost of ownership.

Our solutions have been proven to operate seamlessly for decades and are continuously refined by highly qualified specialists in collaboration with our customers. GF project managers ensure project excellence, supporting installations across all stages with innovative services.

value-bar-icon-5 Speed of delivery

Short project and operation lead times for microelectronic plants are guaranteed thanks to highly skilled GF project managers, engineering services, state-of-the-art welding technology and advanced stock management.

value-bar-icon-gear2 Smooth operation

GF Piping Systems products have been proven for decades to operate 100% corrosion and leakage-free in Semicon plants for UPW and WWT as well as cleanroom applications, ensuring optimal total cost of ownership.

value-bar-icon-1 High-quality products

GF Piping Systems meets stringent water specifications through premium raw materials, best-in-class control of manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art welding technology.

wolke Minimizing the CO² footprint

Environmentally friendly halogen and freon-free piping systems help to meet regulations and reduce the CO² footprint.

Ready for the next microelectronics era

We innovate products and services in partnership with our customers to meet increased purity requirements, more significant production sites, and growing expectations for quality management and digitization. Our goal is to reduce human errors.

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Highly specialized facilities handle the complexity and sensitivity of the processes and products in the semiconductor industry by operating in strictly controlled cleanroom production areas. We offer a portfolio of high-purity plastic systems for the safe and reliable conveyance of critical processing fluids in semiconductor production.

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High demands regarding purity, safety and quality characterize the production processes of photovoltaic systems. Reliable conveyance of media under clean conditions has to be ensured and appropriately controlled. Whether it is process technology or the production flow, our product portfolio covers all high-end water applications in the photovoltaic industry

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The manufacturing of TFT/LED technologies and storage media is structured in wafer cleaning and metallization steps, patterning and etching, mapped in typical applications such as process cooling water, neutralization and chemical distribution. We offer the right solution according to process requirements, temperature conditions and chemical concentrations.

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