The WBI Tool quality checks the integrity of infrared (IR) welds for PVDF (SYGEF) and PP (PROGEF) components to prevent potentially catastrophic leaks from occurring. Providing a seal of approval quickly and objectively.

4 – 16 measurement points

At least four measuring points are needed in order to assess the entire weld bead for pipe diameters range from d20-63. For d75-225, eight measuring points are defined in order to measure the bead. Larger pipes may even require double this number.

Accurate photosensory assurance

No misinformation or falsification, the WBI Tool automatically documents facts of bead shapes for both traceability and accurate accountability. Our elite photosensory capture systems ensures you are provided with direct detection for instant results.

Intuitive software

Our accompanying software has been designed with you in mind and has been made simple and intuitive to use. It provides you with weld-bead information on K-Value, Wall Oset, Width, Area, Heights and Angle.


WBI-L and WBI-S are adaptive for both PROGEF and SYGEF components and has been designed to fit up to 15 diferent pipe diameters ranging from d20 to d225.

WBI Tool

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