Empowering you - high-quality thermoplastic piping systems for reliable and efficient power plants.

GF Piping Systems tackles some of the most impactful risks in power plants, including production failures and increased maintenance costs due to corrosion-induced leakages, pipe fractures and blocked valves. 

value-bar-icon-6 Reduced costs and risks

Our maintenance-free thermoplastic piping systems allow for fast and simple installation while also reducing costs. Thanks to their flexibility, they absorb natural ground movements, such as earthquakes and landslides, to a high degree.

value-bar-icon-1 Guaranteed installation quality

The non-destructive testing technology from GF Piping Systems checks the quality of the welding seams of the thermoplastic system by means of ultrasound and evaluates them appropriately. It removes avoidable material, decreases worktime loss and increases the safety of the system.

value-bar-icon-5 Faster high-quality installation

GF Piping Systems can prefabricate segmented fittings and customized pipe parts and send them to the construction site completely pre-assembled. This reduces the assembly work and time required on site, while increasing installation quality.

hr Greater staff efficiency

Our measurement and control technology harnesses system and process data and allows customers to optimize their applications. Pneumatic and electric actuators allow staff to be deployed more efficiently with increased process and quality control.

Highest level of safety and reliability

Power plants require a variety of chemicals in order to maintain the process of energy generation. The most sensitive application areas are cooling and boiler water treatment, since a failure here impacts directly the continuity of the energy generation process, often by chemical corrosion.

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