Butterfly Valve 565

Beats Metal in every round. Lightweight, highly reliable and cost-effective.

The new Butterfly Valve 565 is the best choice for optimizing piping systems built for water applications and a wide range of other applications. This new generation comes at a significantly lower initial cost, and will save even more thanks to its lower static weight, requiring less energy for both operation and transportation. Installing the Butterfly Valve 565 is quick and easy, but thanks to its extremely high durability, it will be almost maintenance-free during its long service life. 

Butterfly Valve 565

Sustainably future-proof

Lower production footprint

The waste of energy and resources in industrial production is reduced further by the long service life, thanks to a higher resistance against corrosion.

10 tons weight saved

Replacing 600 metal butterfly valves on a cruise ship with the new plastic Butterfly Valve 565 will save up to 10 tons in weight and reduce CO2 emissions.

Lower overall costs

The low weight of the plastic material reduces the energy and resources needed for transport and installation. After installation, the advantages of the reduced static weight can become even more significant.

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