Underground PE piping systems for fire protection

In case of fire, a secure and reliable supply of water for underground distribution and above ground sprinkler systems is crucial for emergency management. The complete system relies on a consistent supply of water with adequate pressure and the right flow rate. Our PE underground systems are FM approved.

Reduced carbon footprint

PE systems reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80 percent compared to metal systems and are fully recyclable. Especially for installations with large dimensions and more material, this is a considerable advantage.


Fire prevention systems must be extremely reliable over long periods of time. With PE systems that is no problem, because they are corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, and show no additional pressure losses.

Resilience to ground movement

The natural resiliency of PE pipes means they absorb surges in pressure, vibration and stress, reducing the risk of breaks and leaks, keeping the water and gas supply continuous.

Enhanced reliability and cost efficient

FM Approved PE fittings include more rigorous performance testing, at a facility that is regularly audited by FM Approvals personnel. It also reduces the insurance premium due to the additional safeguards. The building insurer is able to downgrade the fire risk and cost savings for the industrial operation.

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FM PE System

FM Polyethylene (PE) system provides the highest level of safety and reliability for firefighting water systems.

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