Variable area flow meters are a simple solution for a wide variety of situations. Installation and removal is easy, as is meter-reading. In addition to being easy to use, variable area flow meters are also a highly accurate and economical solution. Available with a wide range of measurement options and in a variety of materials, they are also very versatile and can be used for water treatment, chemical processing and much more.

Easy to use

Installing and removing the meters is simple thanks to their threaded joints. An orange float makes them easy to read and a standard socket enables fast connection.

High level of accuracy

With a measuring accuracy according to VDI/VDE 3513, Page 2 - 2008, GF Piping Systems variable area flow meters are highly accurate.


These flow meters are highly versatile thanks to a range of different measurement options and materials, allowing them to be used in a wide spectrum of applications.

Economical solution

Variable area flow meters from GF Piping Systems require no auxiliary power source and are an economical solution for a wide variety of industrial applications.

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