GF Piping Systems Australia supports the mining industry with its National Sales & Distribution centre located in Sydney. Along with a brand new plastic fabrication workshop (the Tech Centre) and branch office in Brisbane, with more offices to service you in Melbourne and Perth. 

Your Mining Solution

Products and applications from GF Piping systems fulfil the highest expectations in the harsh environment of mining. 

Piping systems must also meet the highest level of quality standards regarding safety, efficiency and maintenance in mining. 

Plastic piping systems have been used for decades to convey fluids and it makes no difference whether it is water for transporting slurries or hazardous liquids for specific purposes in mining, such as sulphuric acid, sodium cyanide, hydrogen chloride, sodium hydroxide, carboxymethyl cellulose, etc. 

When the right plastic piping systems from GF Piping Systems are in use, corrosion presents no problem.

value-bar-icon-6 High cost-efficiency

Innovative, reliable products with highest quality standards enable reduced running costs and less energy consumption.

value-bar-icon-1 More safety - Full control of the fluids

Innovative controlling technology, together with corrosion-free piping systems for the safe transport of hazardous fluids ensuring smooth operations over the entire lifetime with no leakage.

megaphon Non-corrosive system solutions

Highest degree of protection against system failures by means of corrosion-free plastic components.

value-bar-icon-3 Lower energy consumption

Smoother inner walls prevent incrustation in pipes and enable even throughout with constant pump pressure.

Mining Segments

Chemical Process

Secure your flow - more safety with complete system solutions by GF Piping Systems

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Safety Showers & Eye-Wash Stations

Your staff is your most important asset. Protect them.

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Storage Tanks

In every manufacturing and processing plant, there is a tank required to store liquid media. GF Piping Systems offers fast, reliable, and safe tools for filling and emptying tanks.

Seam Gas / LNG

Seam gas is a by-product of coal mining operations, with the gas found in underground coal seams during extraction. During the digging of the deep wells, gas and water are removed during the process. In this application, leakproof and non-corrosive pipelines are a must. Our PE components offer a wide range of electrofusion and butt fusion solutions to ensure a constant gas and water supply and assure the reliability and safety you need.

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