Wherever groundwater is difficult or even impossible to reach, other ways must be found to make water available to the population in the right quantity and quality. GF Piping Systems technology of today makes it possible to desalinate seawater and use it as drinking water.

The leading technology for desalination plants is reverse osmosis, a filtration process that is used for the purification of water. Reverse osmosis membranes are high pressure process steps. It rejects all contaminants from either low salinity water (brackish water) or sea water. Technology has brought high efficiency membranes into the market, allowing much lower pressures for similar performances. Examples of our optimized products for plant engineering are fittings that save space and installation time; mechanical, electronic or electromagnetic flow meters and analytical instruments; automated valves for all types of applications as well as the necessary connections to state-of-the art bus systems. Gain insight into how digital solutions are reducing desalination plant OPEX, monitoring plant performance, responding to changing feedwater quality, and demonstrably optimizing energy and chemical consumption.


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GF Piping Systems develops application-oriented system solutions that enable profitable operations and are ideally suited for the water treatment industry. We support our customers in implementing sustainable, future-oriented, and well-designed plant concepts with state-of-the-art planning techniques to optimize the economic efficiency of processes.

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