Innovation with heritage - Join us on the journey of GF Piping Systems' PVC-U history starting in 1955 until today.

The PVC-U system from GF Piping Systems offers maximum safety and reliability for countless applications, from drinking water to highly aggressive chemicals. The best possible piping components are also available for special requirements.  Although the PVC-U system has been around for decades, we continue to invest in this product to become more innovative and more sustainable.

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1955 - Market Introduction PVC fittings

When the first plastic pipes came onto the market in the early 1950s, GF launched corresponding malleable cast iron and later brass fittings in 1951. However, these connections were seen as a transitional solution, and GF's "plastics department" set itself the goal of developing a fitting made of plastic that was suitable for the material. After extensive tests in cooperation with EMPA, a research institute for materials science at the ETH Zurich, it was concluded that an adhesive fitting injection-molded from PVC or similar material was the most suitable connector. 



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1962 - Introduction injected valves

In the early 60s GF ball valves were introduced. The firm Chemtrol manufactured and sold their patented PVC ball valves in the US. GF obtained the rights to redesign these ball valves for European use, to manufacture them in Europe and sell them under the GF brand. By the mid sixties, the product line comprised already 1.565 plastic fittings and valves.

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1963 - Cementing connection with Tangit and partnership with Henkel

Our former colleague Dr. Rudolf Merz was highly involved in the development of the plastic adhesive Tangit PVC-U. Read more about the story in the Interview.

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1970 - Introduction Diaphragm Valve

In  1970 GF introduced all-plastic PVC and PP diaphragm valves, in 1973 the pneumatically actuated diaphragm valve and in 1975 PE tapping valves with electric heating mat.

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1977 - Introduction Butterfly Valve

In the course of intensive research and development work GF created a new line of valves - the GF butterfly valves made of plastic. This is a valve especially for large nominal diameters. This butterfly valve is made entirely of PVC and is available in nominal diameters from 65 to 200 mm. Besides the model with manual operation (hand lever and manual gearbox), two automatic drive types are available, i.e. pneumatic and electric. The butterfly valve is also suitable for highly corrosive and aggressive media.



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2020 - 65 years GF PVC

Universal, durable and trusted for 65 years: The PVC-U piping system, first produced in 1955, has been tried and tested for 65 years. Today it includes pipes, fittings, valves, actuators as well as measurement and control technology that is used across industries in over 100 countries for the most demanding applications. 

2021 - Introduction BIO-PVC

As the first manufacturer of pressure piping, GF Piping Systems is introducing bio-attributed materials to all of its market-leading polyvinyl chloride (PVC) metric pressure pipes produced in Europe.

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2022 - Introduction IR PVC-U

With IR PVC-U, GF Piping Systems introduces the world's first infrared welded PVC-U piping system allowing reliable joints in a less hazardous work environment.


As the first manufacturer of pressure piping, GF Piping Systems is introducing bio-attributed materials to all of its market-leading polyvinyl chloride (PVC) metric pressure pipes produced in Europe. The greener PVC resin, made using tall oil, a waste product from paper production will see a reduction of up to 90% in the CO2 produced versus standard PVC while still maintaining the highest quality, durability, and recyclability.


GF Piping Systems has been producing PVC-U for more than 65 years and is also a leader in infrared welding technology. Now we have combined our expertise in these two fields to bring the first IR welded PVC-U system to the market.

Jointing Technologies

Cementing is a simple and quick method of jointing that creates a secure, leak-proof joint with little expertise or expensive equipment required. Cementing is recommended when a strong, durable joint is essential and time is of the essence. Designed specifically for use in plastic piping systems, both solvent cements and solvent-free cements create a solid bond between two pipe elements, resulting in a joint that can withstand movement and bending with ease.

Reference Cases

PVC-U Plant Sewage Germany

The RBS wave planning agency is exploring the possibility, as an alternative solution, of degrading the phosphate load on a constructed wetland at the Knittlingen water treatment plant situated in the Enz district. For the installations, the instrumentation and control technology included, elements of the PVC-U system from GF Piping Systems are being used in the inflow and outflow area and also for the charging facility.

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