GF Piping Systems produces a full range of high-performance electrofusion machines that guarantee complete documentation of the electrofusion process. Compact and portable, these machines are made from robust materials, enabling them to be used in even the harshest conditions. They offer excellent data storage options and are configurable with little advance training required.

Quality housing & components

Encased in a rugged housing and fitted with top-end components, these machines can be used on building sites and in harsh conditions without any problems.

Minimal training required

An intuitive interface enables operators to approach these machines with ease and start controlling the fusion welding process immediately.

Excellent data storage

The internal memory in these machines can store thousands of operational records, allowing for full traceability and rapid job retrieval.

Configurable workflow

As no two welding jobs are the same, the data input settings can be configured according to the workflow for exceptional reliability in the field.

MSA 125 Electrofusion Unit

A robust and ergonomic package that fits in a portable case, the MSA 125 requires no specialist training to use, enabling you to get the fusion process started immediately. It has ample storage for data protocols and a USB port for downloading reports.

MSA 2.0 / 2.1 / 2 MULTI / 2 CF Electrofusion Unit

Robust, lightweight and practical, the MSA 2 series features a barcode scanner, a cooling system for multiple jointing operations and ample internal memory for storing records. An intuitive interface gives the operator a clear overview at all times.

MSA 315/330/340 Electrofusion Units

Simple to operate and featuring a robust aluminum housing, the MSA 315, 330 and 340 electrofusion units control the entire welding process taking into account energy output compensation. These units also have sufficient internal memory to store up to 1,000 jointing records.

MSA 4.0 Electrofusion Unit

The MSA 4.0 is a lightweight electrofusion unit that offers full traceability while documenting the welding process from start to finish. This series comes with built-in GPS and an optional wireless scanner, making it simple to forward data to other locations.

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