Made from hardwearing fully molded plastic parts, the GF Piping Systems range of pressure regulating valves keeps the pressure in a pipe system at a pre-defined value and eliminates the risk of overload. Containing the latest in pressure-regulating technology, these valves are compact and easy to install and can be configured to either reduce or retain the pressure. The innovative cartridge design minimizes maintenance.

Constant pressure for safety

These valves are extremely effective at keeping the system pressure below the set limit or at a constant level for complete safety during operation.

Easy to install and configure

The modular design of these pressure control valves makes them easy to integrate into existing systems and configure to reduce or retain pressure as required.

No machining involved

The valves are not machined. They have fully molded plastic bodies with no exterior bolts which guarantees consistent quality throughout the lifetime.

Minimal space requirements

The outer dimensions of the valves have been streamlined – with no loss of performance – so they can be installed in confined spaces.

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