Cementing is a simple and quick method of jointing that creates a secure, leak-proof joint with little expertise or expensive equipment required.

Cementing is recommended when a strong, durable joint is essential and time is of the essence. Designed specifically for use in plastic piping systems, both solvent cements and solvent-free cements create a solid bond between two pipe elements, resulting in a joint that can withstand movement and bending with ease.

Reduced waiting times

Using the solvent-free Tangit Rapid reduces waiting times. After one hour, a pressure of up to four bars can be applied.

Strong and flexible

After cementing, the pipe elements can be moved or bent without the risk of rupturing the joint.

Tools and cements

GF Piping Systems stocks a wide range of tools and cements for every application and installation.

No expertise required

All it takes to create a strong, durable joint is cleaner, cement, paper, a few tools and two pipe ends that fit together – get started straight away.

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