JRG Sanipex

JRG Sanipex is a plastic pipe-in-pipe drinking water system for water pocket-free connection at full flow. The PE-X pipes in the protective pipes can be easily replaced if necessary.

The pipe-in-pipe system for drinking water installations

JRG Sanipex is the world's first plastic pipe-in-pipe drinking water installation system. For more than 40 years, the pioneering JRG Sanipex system has been continuously adapted to the needs of the market. The cone grip union technology guarantees safe, water pocket-free connection at full flow. The pipe-in-pipe technique allows the pipes to be laid directly in the concrete and for the PE-X pipes to be replaced in the protective pipes as required.

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Further advantages

Full pipe cross-section minimises flow noise and pressure losses

The pipe cross-section remains unchanged thanks to the connection technology. Flow noises are therefore extremely low, and pressure losses are kept to a minimum. 

Replacing the inner pipes without damaging the wall, floor or ceiling

A drinking water pipe that gets broken during construction or a leaking connection can cause expensive water damage. Thanks to the pipe-in-pipe system, the water-carrying inner pipe can be replaced without damaging walls and floors.

Smaller dimensions speed up the exchange of water

The full pipe cross-section means that pipes with smaller dimensions can be used. This saves space, requires smaller holes and reduces the cost of materials. Hardly any other system is able to offer the dimension D12, although this is usually wholly adequate for connections to the wash basin, toilet or washing machine. 

Small diameters also make sense in terms of energy. The volume of circulating water is correspondingly smaller and it takes less time for the hot water to be available at the extraction point. 

Cone grip union connection requires no additional sealing materials

Leak tightness is guaranteed in the connections. The patented cone grip union connection compensates for temperature-related changes in material thickness, hence keeping the contact pressure constant. Additional sealing material is not required – an advantage when it comes to safety.

JRG Sanipex Components

Installation video

Watch the video to learn how to install JRG Sanipex easily and quickly. 

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