When it comes to efficient cooling, using the right piping system is key. Essential criterias are the ease of installation, no down time for maintenance, light weight and minimal energy loss at its peak operational conditions. The ecoCOOL portfolio is the perfect choice for efficient and sustainable cooling system applications in buildings.

Excellent fire resistance

ecoCOOL galvanised steel jacketing is compliant with BS 476 part 6 and part 7 as per British Standard, resulting in class 0 fire rating and meeting the requirement of buildings fire safety regulations.

Zero corrosion risk

The non-corrosive HDPE carrier pipes are longer lasting than metal alternatives. No incrustastion and tuberculation ensures the same flow rate throughout ecoCOOL's  lifespan, guaranteeing that the energy required does not increase as the pipeline ages.

High energy efficiency

Thanks to the HDPE carrier pipes and the Polyurethane insulating material's low thermal conductivity rate, ecoCOOL ensures the utmost efficient cooling performance.

Simplified installation

One of the benefits of ecoCOOL is the simplified and fast installation. Pre-insulated pipes and fittings, simple electrofusion jointing and lighter materials result in easier installation with less manpower needed.

Superior chemical resistance

Whether potable or process water, coolants, asids and other chemicals, HDPE carrier pipes excellently withstand all chemical and mechanical loads. 


Pre-insulated piping system

With ecoCOOL, GF Piping Systems offers a unique solution including pre-insulated and fire resistant pipes and fittings.

  1. Lighweight pre-insulated pipes help to minimise energy loss and reduce long-term running costs.
  2. Fixation tools help to secure against dislocation during installation.
  3. Pre-insulated fittings ensure fast and easy installation as no manual post-insulation required.
  4. Welding indicator for indication of a successful weld and haptic inspection after the welding process.


Whether in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, residential homes or shopping malls; air conditioning plays an essential role in most aspects of everyday life, particularly in Southeast Asia. The ecoCOOL portfolio is the perfect choice for efficient and sustainable cooling system applications in buildings


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