Ventilating and bleed valves are essential for the overall protection of a piping system, which is why they need to be extremely reliable. Designed to admit or release liquid or gas depending on requirements, every valve in the GF Piping Systems range is easy to install and remove. They are highly robust with compact dimensions that require minimal maintenance and are compatible with piping systems commonly found worldwide.

Engineered for safety

Pressure build-up and vacuums can be extremely dangerous, which is why the design of GF Piping Systems ventilating and bleed valves enables reliable, safe venting.

Compact and easy to install

With a streamlined design and compact installation length, these valves can be manually inserted into any piping system within minutes.

Robust materials

Every ventilating and bleed valve type in the range is made from robust materials. They require minimal maintenance and are not susceptible to wear and tear.

Comprehensive product range

GF Piping Systems ventilating and bleed valves are suitable for use in all common piping systems used worldwide, making them exceptionally versatile.

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