U1000 V2 ultrasonic flow meter

With the versatile U1000 V2 flow meter from GF Piping Systems you can accurately measure flow contactless without affecting the production process or the end-product quality.

Whereas conventional flow meters are based on the time and cost-intensive installation of fittings, GF Piping Systems relies on contactless and accurate measuring technology with its U1000 V2 flow meter. Thanks to the practical clamp-on-design, the device helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Conveniently mounted without interruption to production. U1000 V2 has proven to be user-friendly and versatile in operation.

Simple installation

The U1000 V2 can be operational in less than two minutes – even during ongoing production. Interventions in the piping system or production process and specialized staff are not required.

Maintenance-free measurement

After putting into operation, the U1000 V2 works virtually maintenance-free and provides accurate measurement results for many years. Cleaning or readjustment beyond any potentially normatively required calibrations is not necessary.

Assured product quality

The U1000 V2 does not affect the production process and medium thanks to the contactless measurement, so it does not affect the product quality either. No pressure loss occurs. Therefore, no new design of the process or plant is necessary.

Maximum availability

The U1000 V2 does not come in contact with the flow medium and has no mechanical parts that are subjected to stress during measurement. Even in the case of aggressive media, abrasion, or high pressures, maximum availability is therefore guaranteed.

Suitable for all dimensions

The flow meter is suitable for all dimensions and is largely independent of the medium, piping material, installation site and other factors. This means that the U1000 V2 facilitates the choice of suitable sensors significantly.

Typical applications

  • Industrial process technology
  • Chemical supply systems
  • Drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Food technology
  • Energy technology
  • Building technology
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