Why a filter?

Particles can enter the domestic water distribution network via the building connection pipe due to repairs and renovations on the public supply network. Entrained particles such as lime, rust and sand can impair the function of the valves installed in the drinking water installation.


GF Piping Systems’ filter range provides the most suitable solution for every drinking water installation.


From automatic backflushing to rinsing, filter removal and manual cleaning, GF Piping Systems filters can be maintained with minimum effort.


All parts are made from high-quality metal and plastic, resulting in a long-life filter element that can withstand high operating pressures with ease.


The filter is the first level of protection of the drinking water installation. Thanks to the innovative filter technology, no particles can impair the water circle.

Advantages of a filter

The hygiene aspect

The filter is located at the point where the drinking water installation enters the building, therefore preventing unwanted particles from washing in. If the filter insert is not maintained on a regular basis, bacteria on the filter mesh can multiply and get into the drinking water.


The financial aspect

The filter acts as a protective element and safeguards the valves in the drinking water installation from malfunction. This significantly reduces repair costs.

How does a filter work?

The filter is usually installed at the point where the water enters the building. Washed in particles can be stopped by the filter insert and protect the drinking water installation. The fine filter is available in a range of versions. The combined design of the fine filter with a pressure reducing valve (figure) first filters the particles through the filter mesh and the water then flows towards the pressure reducing valve, where the pressure is adjusted accordingly.

  1. Water flows through the drinking water filter
  2. Water pressure is adjusted accordingly 


We recommend replacing the filter insert every 6 months.

Contact your plumber for filter insert replacement.