Hydrostatic Level Sensor

GF provides high-end hydrostatic level sensors for continuous level measurement. Unaffected by foam layers, agitation or chemical fumes, they provide superior chemical compatibility.

The GF Signet 2250 hydrostatic level sensors for level and depth control have a one-piece, injection-molded PVDF body and ceramic diaphragm for superior compatibility in corrosive liquids.
Mounted through the tank wall or submersed from the top of the tank, the hydrostatic sensor measures the weight of a fluid column. The change and therefore the pressure at the sensor is proportional to the change in the tank level. A capillary tube in the cable ensures that changes in the atmospheric pressure can be compensated.
These sensors are available with a proprietary digital (S³L) or 4 to 20 mA output. The extended cable and capillary tubing with the union connection and a customer-supplied conduit allow for submersion in process vessels.

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