New Heroes

Tackling water pipe repairs or maintenance can feel like a tough venture or a race against time. No matter the challenge, you deserve reliable champions by your side – the MULTI/JOINT® 3000 family welcomes the New Heroes ranging from DN900 up to DN1025.

Meet our New Heroes as they encompass all the qualities you have come to expect from the MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus present in the water and gas market for more than 30 years. With impressive new sizes in ranges – DN900, DN925, DN1000, and DN1025 – the MULTI/JOINT® is one of the largest pull-out resistant fittings for water applications on the market. The new fittings come with a lifespan of 50 years, which is a known property of the entire MULTI/JOINT® family, promising a lasting solution for your needs. Much like legendary heroes, they are prepared for the long haul, providing strength, remarkable flexibility and unwavering support in water applications. In essence, they are big, red and strong.


Installation video for bigger dimensions

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Product range

Coupling - Reduced coupling


Flange adaptor - Reduced flange

Flange adaptor

Technical details

Range 1
Range 2
TypeDescriptionRange 1Range 2
CouplingDN900899 - 931899 - 931
CouplingDN925939 - 971939 - 971
CouplingDN1000994 - 1026994 - 1026
CouplingDN10251042 - 10741042 - 1074
Reduced CouplingDN925 x DN900939 - 971899 - 931
Reduced CouplingDN1025 x DN10001042 - 1074994 - 1026
Flange adaptorDN900899 - 931900FL
Flange adaptorDN1000994 - 10261000FL
Reduced flange adaptorDN925 x DN900FL939 - 971900FL
Reduced flange adaptorDN1025 x DN1000FL1042 - 10741000FL

More technical details

  • Flange drilling: PN10 / PN16
  • Pressure: 10 bar restraint / 16 bar non restraint
  • Angularity: 8 degrees per socket side
  • Gasket: EPDM or NBR
  • Bolts/nuts/washers: A4 (AISI 316)