GF JRG hose taps and drain cocks can handle high loads and strong flow rates for single-family houses, commercial grade and light industrial applications. Their sturdy design and durable materials (including brass and bronze) mean they are capable of withstanding high temperatures and pressure rates. In addition to being versatile, they are also easy to install and use, making them an economical option for any application.

Robust design

GF JRG hose taps and drain cocks are designed for maximum durability in a wide variety of applications while maintaining peak performance.


These hose taps and drain cocks can accommodate a wide range of operating conditions, including high temperatures and pressure rates. We also offer a year-round tapping solution with our garden valve antifrost.

Easy to use

Our hose taps and drain cocks are easy to install and use. The hose taps are available with different handle options, which can be exchanged easily.


Made of highly durable brass or bronze, the hose taps and drain cocks have a long lifetime.

Drain Cock Valves

Sturdily constructed, GF’s drain cock valves are used to empty installations. Made of brass or bronze, they are capable of temperature resistance as high as 90°C and are perfectly suitable for most valves in water installations.

Hose Taps and Garden Valves Antifrost

GF JRG hose taps and garden valves antifrost are robustly constructed with a stainless steel seat that ensures a wide range of conditions are supported while still maintaining peak performance. Garden valves antifrost allow for water-tapping all year round, irrespective of frost. They have a male thread connection and a pressure rating of PN16.