Smart Actuators

Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology offering more benefits, including greater efficiency, added features, and ease of use.

Digitalization is changing and improving more and more areas of our life. GF Piping Systems supports you in actively responding to this change. As a leading supplier of piping systems, we constantly develop our products and create digital innovations. Always with the goal that you and your company become fit for the future – and remain that way.

360° LED status display

Colored LED feedback indicates the current state of the actuator. The state is either "movement", "open" or "closed". It also shows whether a service is required. A 360° LED and an additional LED on the top ensure that the user can easily know the current status, visible from all angles.

Avoid unexcpected downtimes

The mobile app visualizes the most important diagnostic information clearly. This supports operators and service crews to identify critical constitutional changes of the actuator in challenging applications.

Fits on any standard valve (ISO 5211)

Thanks to the ISO norm, you can use the actuator on other standard valve interfaces.

Efficient installation and startup

Step-by-step instructions will help you with the installation – the handling afterward is intuitive. Signal tests and visual feedback make your life easier during commissioning.

Customer Benefits

1. Unboxing

Actuation the easy way. Setting up the Smart Actuator is as easy as it gets. The interoperable device is easily installed thanks to Near-Field Communication (NFC) and WiFi connectivity. This intuitive design allows for increased efficiency and reduced downtimes.

2. Commissioning

Thanks to the app, installing the Smart Actuator is quick and straightforward, and no further instructions are necessary. You can assign a place in the P&ID to any actuator, and wireless access in the free app allows for flexible planning.

3. Remote control

Remotely control the Smart Actuator from wherever you are. With the data diary, you also know what has happened with an actuator during your weekend off. All settings can be saved and exported to ensure optimum data transparency.

4. Diagnostics

Check the state of an actuator at any time with the app and run simple tests by yourself. Malfunctions can be detected remotely; a warning appears on the mobile phone automatically.

Download the GF Actuator App

The GF Actuator app makes the commissioning of GF electric actuators dEA25-250 a breeze. Configure a Smart Actuator via passive NFC straight out of the box (without power supply) or control via WiFi. Datalog screens also inform users about the current status of a GF valve assembly by visualizing the change of performance data throughout the valve operations.
The app enables technicians to customize the actuator according to the specific requirements of an application.

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Europa-Park, Rust, Germany

Established in 1975, the Europa Park in Rust is Germany's biggest theme park spanning 950'000 m2, including 18 subject areas and more than 100 amusement rides. The park operators were looking to overcome problems resulting from the vast size of the area with the far-scattered water filtering systems. The Smart Actuator from GF Piping Systems helped the customer solve that issue.

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GF Piping Systems, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Two heat exchangers are operated on the roof of the production facility of GF Piping Systems in Schaffhausen to reduce our carbon footprint. The butterfly valve controls which of the heat exchangers is currently in use. Checking in on the infrastructure in remote areas decreases work efficiency and increases safety hazards for our employees. With the introduction of our Smart Actuator, we did not hesitate to install the latest innovation on our roof, thus simplifying the interaction between personnel and actuator immensely.

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