The modular PE system leads the way in reliable, corrosion-free solutions for water and gas applications. The comprehensive portfolio of PE couplers, saddles and fittings provides infinite solutions, featuring maintenance-free connections with expected 100 years of lifetime.

The story of ELGEF Plus

High performance in critical environments

Once installed, PE pipes absorb pressure surges, vibrations, and soil-related stress. This minimizes the risk of breaks and leaks, ensuring safety through flexibility. When relining or using horizontal drilling, their compatibility with trenchless technologies saves time, prevents infrastructure damage, and reduces noise and traffic

Trusted partnerships through customer proximity

With more than 25 years of market experience, the modular range delivers quality and durability globally. Customers trust our extensive PE solutions and specialized services for successful water and gas piping network projects. 

Quality and performance for peace of mind

To go beyond customer's needs of safety and continuous high performance the component system of ELGEF Plus gets thoroughly checked. GF Piping Systems assures outstanding quality and performance through intensive testing in their accredited laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025) in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. On top of that, the high-performance products are certified by over 90 approvals worldwide.

ELGEF Plus reference cases

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How ELGEF Plus reduced water loss in Sao Paulo

GF Piping Systems is supporting the Brazilian water and waste management company SABESP in its water loss reduction program. By providing reliable ELGEF Plus PE pipe systems for the replacement of 761 km of pipe network, the utility has reduced water losses to 30%. This has so far resulted in an annual water saving of 75 billion liters in the Sao Paolo region, equivalent to 8% of Switzerland's annual drinking water consumption.

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    How ELGEF Plus was decisive for the reduction of household energy consumption in Germany

    The city of Soest in North Rhine-Westphalia, is running a pilot project with the intention of supplying some 600 residential units with cold local heat. ELGEF Plus electrofusion welding sockets and fittings are used to route the long polyethylene pipes. In addition, the ELGEF Plus pressure tapping valves, rotatable through 360°, make sure the numerous branch lines reach the individual dwellings. The corrosion-free and chemical-resistant components from GF Piping Systems are likewise made from polyethylene, making them ideally suited for use in Soest.

    Access the full document as well as all reference cases in different application areas.

    Access to all reference cases

    Discover how our ELGEF Plus solutions have led to success in a wide range of industries and applications. From water and gas distribution to heating, cooling or firefighting, our customers have mastered challenging projects with our reliable PE solutions since 1974.

    ELGEF Plus Y-Tapping saddle

    The new ELGEF Plus Y-tapping saddle brings service connections to the next level featuring tool-less assembly and an additional safety on site. The innovative Y-shaped design with optimized flow characteristics and reduced pressure losses helps reducing operational cost of the network.