Bead and Crevice Free (BCF) Fusion Machines

The BCF fusion machines made by GF Piping Systems stand up to the highest requirements in terms of quality and purity for fusion joints. The machines are ideal for high-purity applications in the pharmaceutics, biotech, foodstuffs, process and microelectronics industries.

The BCF fusion machine guarantees high reproducibility of fusion weld quality, even for on-site fusion. An external heating unit causes the material to flow into the fusion zone without changing the material property. A bladder positioned in the fusion zone produces a bead and crevice-free fusion weld. The machine covers the PVDF (SYGEF) and PP-n (PROGEF Natural) material in the dimension range of d20 mm up to d110 mm.

No dead legs and minimum stress in the fusion

BCF is the optimal fusion technology for low microbiological attachment and excellent cleanability. A stress-free and extremely smooth fusion zone as well as high chemical and mechanical resistance make the BCF fusion outstanding.

Reproducible and documented fusion quality

Highly automated, self-monitored and software-controlled fusion processes enable high reproducibility. A user-friendly interface minimizes operator faults and guarantees easy handling.

Remote fusion capability

With the remote fusion unit, it is possible to weld up to eight meters away from the machine housing without any loss of quality. This makes it possible to execute fusion procedures in difficult and tight spatial conditions.

Extremely versatile

The BCF fusion machine comes as a complete system, including working table with all necessary equipment and Euro-pallet transport case. It is designed for industrial applications and cleanroom conditions.