Radar continuous level measurement

In tanks containing heavily agitated liquids or dense foam layers, the GF radar level transmitters are the best choice in terms of performance, reliability and durability.


The radar principle is the most advanced measuring technology to measure tank levels even in challenging conditions, such as  chemical fumes, pressurized tanks, or light foams. Electromagnetic waves emitted by an antenna travel through the tank unaffected by fumes, changes in pressure, density, viscosity , temperature. In addition to this, radar beams can penetrate slightly conductive foams. Radar is widely unaffected by process conditions

Stay in touch with your level

State-of-the-art technology for our new 80GHz Radar Level Transmitter type 2298. It combines all the advantages of a radar level transmitter in one non-contacting, compact, and economical unit to provide consistent and accurate filling level information in various tanks, process liquids, and conditions. The sensor is available in different materials to resist even the most corrosive environments.

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80GHz Radar Level Sensor