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360° LED status display

Colored LED feedback indicates the current state of the actuator. The state is either movement, open or closed. It also indicates whether a service is required. A 360° LED and an additional one on the top ensure that the user gets a clearly visible status information, viewable from all angles.

No unexcpected downtimes

The mobile app visualizes the most important diagnostic information in a understandable way. This supports operators and service crews to identify critical constitutional changes of the actuator in challenging applications.

Fits on any standard valve (ISO 5211)

Thanks to the ISO norm, you can use the actuator on other standard valve interfaces.

Efficient installation and startup

Step by step instructions will help you with the installation – the handling afterwards is intuitive. Signal tests and optical feedback make your life easier during commissioning.

What are my benefits?

I am a Maintainer
  • Thanks to the P&ID name, it is easy to find the required actuator.
  • Malfunctions can also be diagnosed again remotely.
  • With the aid of the data diary you also know what has happened with an actuator during your free weekend.
  • You can perform simple test runs yourself.
I am an installer
  • To identify an actuator you just need to scan it with your mobile phone.
  • In the app you can assign a place in the P&ID to any actuator.
  • You can define a name for any actuator which appears when retrieved.
  • Thanks to the app, installing an actuator is so easy that no further instructions are necessary.
I am a Planner
  • Wireless access allows a flexible planning.
  • Thanks to the 360°-LED, an actuator can be installed in places that are difficult to access.
  • The actuator fits on any standard valve (ISO 5211).
  • Datasheet and user manual are available directly in the app.
I am an Operator
  • The state of an actuator can be checked at any time with the app.
  • In the event of malfunctions, a warning appears on the mobile phone automatically.
  • The individual actuators can be adjusted easily with a tap of your finger.
  • Since each actuator appears with the P&ID name, it is much easier to find it later in the PLC.
I am a Commissioner
  • The system checks are much more efficient thanks to a control function in the app.
  • During a system test, you can amplify the signals yourself.
  • The actuators can be adjusted even during the startup.
  • All settings can be saved and exported to ensure optimum data transparency.

What's new in version 1.2?


  • New Feature: Android 10 connection workflow - Establish connection direct & easy out of the App to the Actuator
  • Several UI Improvements
  • Various bug fixes and optimization
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