Hycleen – Systematic Drinking Water Hygiene

Clean and safe drinking has become ordinary for most end users. But often microbiological pollution resulting from inadequately planned or protected piping systems cause serious health issues. GF Piping Systems' plastic piping systems are an integrated solution for hygienic drinking water installations - from prevention to disinfection.

Risk factor drinking water

Especially large buildings  are prone to bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

  • Apartment buildings
  • Hospitals and retirement homes
  • Hotels
  • sports facilities and swimming pools
  • public projects

Various factors cause these contaminations. With irregular utilization cycles or inconsistent circulation temperatures stagnation and inadequate hydraulics lead to biofilm formation. Contaminated or aggressive drinking water causes the formation of limescale and corrosion on valves and in the drinking water systems. The rough surfaces are ideal for the development of a biofilm and the growth of various bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas.

Not only a health risk

In the worst case, the bacteria cause sever health issues which lead to further consequences for operators of large buildings:

  • Negative coverage
  • Loss of earnings
  • Closure
  • Costly renovation
  • Criminal charges
A comprehensive system solution

GF Piping Systems offers with its extensive Hycleen product range dead leg free pipes and fittings as well as measuring technology and disinfection systems. The dead leg free systems with full flow ensure a hygienic and noise-reducing drinking water installation and prevent corrosion and reduce heat radiation. Thus builders and investors increase comfort and reduce energy costs at the same time.

Basis are dead leg free and corrosion-resistant piping systems and fittings made of plastic with optimized geometry and valves made of bronze. The smooth inner surfaces of the plastic pipes of the JRG Sanipex system, for example, reduce corrosion and incrustation and therefore contaminations of the system.

By means of drinking water samples and optimum temperature control the drinking water quality is monitored. With JRG LegioTherm hot water circulation and thermal disinfection can be precisely regulated and the temperature monitoring is ensured.

In addition to thermal disinfection GF Piping Systems offers the Hycleen Des 30 for manufacturing highly effective disinfectant solutions against bacteria.

Drinking water hygiene with highly efficient disinfection solution

The high efficiency of the electro-activated disinfectant against bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas is confirmed by numerous international clients for more than a decade. The use of Hycleen Des 30 system does not effect the service life GF materials - neither in cold nor hot water applications.

GF Piping Systems supports you from the start

Hygiene starts with the planning of the installation. We support you and your project. Our experts will advise you on the chemical resistance of the materials and accelerationof the planning and calculating process and train installers and maintenance personnel at our training centers or on site.