CAD Library

The comprehensive CAD library is GF Piping Systems’ most frequently used planning tool. The database comprises over 25,000 drawings and technical data on pipes, fittings, measurement and control technology, and manual and actuated valves.

CAD Library

CAD library content

  • Data packages including all the drawings of a system
  • Complete CAD library with over 25,000 drawings
  • Including pipes, fittings, valves, measurement and control technology
  • 3D and 2D illustration
  • Optimal user interface
  • Multifunctional drivers for direct insertion on most common CAD systems
  • Fast access

Additional CAD Downloads

  • Engineered Pressure Piping Systems
  • Corrosive Waste Piping Systems
  • Secondary Containment Piping Systems
  • PVC and CPVC Piping Systems
  • Manual Ball Valves
  • Manual Butterfly Valves
  • Manual Diaphragm Valves
  • Marine Piping Systems
  • SIGNET Sensors and Instrumentation
Online 3D CAD (Georg Fischer LLC, US)

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