Automated infrared fusion machine IR-315 A

Pressure piping systems for industrial applications place high demands on mechanical stability, reproducibility and quality of fusion jointing. The new IR-315 A is part of the automated IR-A family made by GF. Automation, intuitive handling, system security and the revolutionary cooling system for big dimensions enable highest reproducibility, quality and efficiency for installers and operators.

The pioneer in IR fusion

GF Piping Systems has been the pioneer and leader for innovative infrared fusion technology since 1992. We have been working closely together with our customers focussing on their real-life needs. As a result we developed the automated IR-A family, which covers the dimension range from d20 up to d315 mm.

Automated infrared fusion machine IR-315 A
Automated fusion process
Automated fusion process

Minimizes operator errors and immediately picks up any operational issues

  • Facing is fully automated
  • Heating is fully automated
  • Jointing process is automated
More free space
More free space

Ideal for complex installations

  • Facer and heater do not interfere with the components
  • Clamping slides designed for flange connections
Interactive handling
Interactive handling

Easy to use

  • Ergonomic adjustable touchscreen display
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Video guided process steps
  • Multilingual instructions
Active cooling system

Reduces cooling time up to 30%

  • Integrated in clamping device
  • With filtered / cleaned air
  • 360° air flow starts automatically after joining
Adjustable facing
Adjustable facing

Flexibility in design and installation

  • Length options up to 5mm (default: 2mm)
  • Individual facing values on both sides
  • Refacing on one side possible
  • Precise prefabrication possible
  • Facing knife with four blades
Easy setup
Easy setup

Safe and easy machine preparation

  • Heater, facer and clamping slide move automatically
    in work and transport position
  • No assembling of heater and facer necessary
  • Ready for welding within minutes

No compromise in quality

The demand for quality control is constantly increasing. End user frequently require comprehensive documentation of the fusion process. Fusion joint documentation must be easy, safe and economical to obtain. The IR-315 A creates peace of mind.

Measures all temperatures
Measures all temperatures

Increased efficiency and time saving

  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Heater temperature is controlled
  • Component temperature measured by IR sensor
Integrated process and quality control
Integrated process and quality control

Permanent data alignment

  • Jointing distance and jointing pressure are controlled and monitored by the machine
  • Heating and cooling process are adjusted according to the ambient temperature
Integrated video camera

Enhanced quality control

  • Records handling and preparation
  • Enables traceability
  • Exportable video files
Data traceability
Data traceability

Simplifies QA / QC

  • Soft copies via USB connection
  • No additional software needed
  • Clear OK or NOK (Not OK) message
  • Up to 5 printouts for protocol and label


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IR-315 A Product Range

IR-315 A Product Range
Product Range