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Beyond cool. Leading edge piping systems for mission critical cooling.

Beyond cool

Data Center Cube - Beyond Efficiency


Supporting the digital infrastructure with innovative, energy-saving solutions that make the collective global footprint and productivity more sustainable. A product range with energy efficiency up to 25% higher than metal pipes during operation. 

Data Center Cube - Beyond Manufacturing


Off-site prefabrication provides a seamless, fast, and highly accurate installation process for small to large data centers. As data servers become faster and faster, so does our time-to-market.


Data Center Cube - Beyond Innovation


Optimized power consumption making Liquid Cooling a reality through reliable, corrosion-free, state-of-the-art piping components.

Paving the way for the net-zero mission-critical facility of the future.

Data Center Cube - Beyond Sustainability


A far lower carbon footprint than metal alternatives, from raw material production to manufacturing, transport, and operation.

Lighter products with an efficient and longer lifespan for an environmentally friendly piping system.

Data Centers Portal

The information contained within this Web-Portal is specifically compiled for Mission Critical Facility stakeholders. It contains answers to a wide range of engineering topics concerning the replacement of metal pipe with plastics, as well as a complete overview of applications and corresponding value propositions.

Application know-how

Leading edge piping systems for mission-critical cooling: We deliver cooling solutions beyond the expectations of this highly demanding tech-based industry, with a total offering that encompasses all the needs of owners and contractors of large-scale data center projects to operate 24/7 with peace of mind. 

Specialized know-how for you

Carbon Calculator

Our user-friendly calculation tool helps you to effortlessly measure energy consumption for raw material production and manufacturing of products to compare the CO2 footprint of plastic and metal pipes effortlessly. Start your eco-friendly journey now!

Data Centers Portal

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Reference Cases

Our successful Data Center reference cases demonstrate the versatility of our products and the significant benefits they offer. Explore how our solutions have delivered outstanding results in various industries and applications. Have a look through our freely accessible documents.


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