Renovation of Oberengadin Hospital and staff living quarters

Mar 22, 2012 7:00 AM

The Oberengadin Hospital and its team of medical specialists helps tourists from all over the world in need of emergency care.

Success_Story_Spital_OberengadinThe new cold water manifold in INSTAFLEX plastic

The Upper Engadine Valley (or Oberengadin) offers a multitude of possibilities for leisure and work. The tourism industry affords the possibility of working in first-class hotels, outstanding restaurants, tourist offices as well as with the operators of mountain railways. This is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Switzerland and attracts thousands of sports enthusiasts every year. The rich and famous convene at such exclusive events as White Turf, polo tournaments, sailing and windsurfing regattas and of course various other winter sport highlights. The many sports activities, like skiing, climbing and biking, can be challenging even for the very fit. Where the body is pushed to extremes, accidents can and often do happen. The hospital in Oberengadin specializes in sports injuries. In addition, it offers a complete range of health care services for all guests and people living in the region. The roughly 300 jobs at Oberengadin Hospital make it the largest employer in Engadine.

«At a working temperature of 37 degrees, I appreciate the low weight of plastic pipes. I installed the new system while the old galvanized steel pipes were still in use, heating up the room tremendously.»
Felix Vitalini, Foreman Giston AG

Renovating the maternity ward, laboratory, intensive care and all the drinking water installations in all the buildings of Europe’s highest acute-care hospital.

The complete drinking water system in Oberengadin Hospital was replaced, in the patient rooms, operating rooms and staff living quarters, etc. The planners relied on the proven pipes, fittings and valves in the INSTAFLEX product line from GF JRG. To regulate the flow in circulation lines, the JRG Legiotherm system was installed. In the industrial applications, additional components from Georg Fischer Piping Systesms (GF Piping Systems) such as ball valves and butterfly valves were built in. In the framework of the renovation project, windows, ventilation systems and medical apparatus, e.g. magnetic resonance scanner or mammography equipment, were also refurbished.

Plastic instead of steel

To maintain the quality of the drinkingwater - a very high priority in a hospital - the planning consultantsCollenberg & Co. decided on INSTAFLEX, the drinking watersystem from Georg Fischer. The water in the Upper Engadineregion has a hardness of 6-8 °fH and a pH of 6.5 to 7, which had a detrimental effect on the galvanized steel pipes dating back to the 1970s. Ruptures in the pipelines had to be reckoned with, and this can have serious consequences in a hospital. Mr. Hansruedi Egloff from Burkhalter & Partner in Wettingen already recommended plastic pipes for renovation of the hospital water distribution at the end of the 1990s. The rust-free plastic pipes brought a great advantage in the renovation backward from the tapping points. The GF Piping Systems plastic piping systems are corrosion-free, durable, incrustation-free and easy to install. The sound-absorbing effect of INSTAFLEX water lines is another highly valued benefit of this system. The decision to use a plastic piping system also meant that the requirement of keeping the hospital fully operational throughout the renovation was complied with. The renovation was completed section by section, either by floors or rooms.

«We mastered the challenge and supplied the whole building with clean water, without any interruptions during the entire renovation.»
Armon Flütsch, Head of Technology, Building and Safety Spital Oberengadin.

The Oberengadin Hospital relies on INSTAFLEX for all its applications.

Renovation of the regional hospital in Upper Engadine began in 2004. The water pipes and hot and cold water distribution were refurbished in the hospital building and staff accommodations with 56 beds for patients, 100 studios, 14 deluxe apartments and 25 apartments. The step-by-step renovation demanded very professional and precise planning. The water flow had to be guaranteed day and night. By using corrosion-free plastic piping, a renovation in sections was possible and INSTAFLEX was the system of choice thanks to its many benefits.

«It was very important to us to have one system for the over 5000m drinking water lines from the manifolds in the basement to under the roof.» Simon Collenberg, Project Manager, Building Technology Office S. Collenberg &Co.

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