Risk assessment

Risk assessment of the drinking water installation with independent hazard analysis

Hycleen - In four steps for optimal drinking water hygiene
Hazard analysis of a drinking water installation
Risk assessment using the JRG LegioTherm software toolRisk assessment using the JRG LegioTherm software tool

Comprehensive documentation of an object with a location visit / inspection of the entire, visually observable drinking water system. Consideration of all technical and hygienic aspects as well as the operation according to the regulations.

The resulting recommendations for the refurbishment for the combatting of a legionellae contamination and their necessary operational and constructional measures in order to comply with generally accepted rules of technology.

Other services included:

  • Verification of important operating parameters, in particular of the temperatures at the final collection points, the circulation and the hot water treatment
  • Verification of the generally accepted rules of technology and compliance with the operation of the drinking water installation
Drinking water hygiene - Special requests

Requests for other services, in the field of drinking water hygiene, are specifically offered to the customer.


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