Hycleen Services

With the four steps of the hygienic concept and the supplementary services you protect your drinking water installation reliably against microbiological stress. The services are modular and can be used according to customer requirements.

Hycleen - In four steps for optimal drinking water hygiene

Services for drinking water hygiene - everything from a single source

Additional services from a single source are offered for the hygienic concept. Our services support you in ensuring the quality of drinking water during the intended operation. The services are systematically grouped and evaluated, thus reducing the risk of germs.

What do the Hycleen Services include?

Preventive rinsing

Hycleen - Step 1: Prevention

Preventive rinsing during commissioning and use of a drinking water installation.

Targeted risk reduction by removal of migration substances and biofilm degradation


Legionellae sampling

Hycleen - Step 2: Monitoring

Legionellae sampling in drinking water installations, inspection and maintenance as well as preparation of a maintenance manual

Ensuring functional safety in the drinking water installation



Hycleen - Step 3: Intervention

Intervention in the drinking water installation with the highly effective, environmentally friendly disinfection system Hycleen Des 30

Experienced partner in the decontamination of drinking water installations


Risk assessment

Hycleen - Step 4: Risk assessment

Risk assessment of drinking water hygiene based on relevant aspects with independent hazard analysis

Neutral partner for carrying out a hazard analysis

What are the benefits of using Hycleen Services?

  • No investment in installations or equipment. You will receive the services you need and rent the necessary equipment (for example to disinfect your drinking water installation).
  • The services are systematically grouped and evaluated. This reduces the risk of contamination.
  • In addition to the Hycleen Services, GF offers an integrated drinking water hygiene concept with the necessary installations and products.

For which buildings are Hycleen Services suitable?

The Hycleen services are suitable for new or existing large properties and objects with hygienic-sensitive areas - monitoring your entire drinking water installation: from the building inlet to the dispensing points.

  • Hospitals and homes for the elderly
  • Hotels
  • Indoor swimming pools, wellness and sports facilities
  • Schools and day-care centres
  • Multi-family houses and housing associations


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