Step 4: Risk assessment

Changes in the use of the objects, as well as adjustments in the water supply, necessitate a reassessment of the measures taken from time to time. This is because energy and drinking water prices are rising and operating costs are becoming more and more important.

Hycleen – In four steps for optimal drinking water hygiene
Risk assessment with the JRG LegioTherm softwaretoolRisk assessment with the JRG LegioTherm softwaretool

The risk assessment of the drinking water installation is an important process, especially in larger buildings, since the state of drinking water quality can change rapidly due to numerous influencing variables. Object operators today carry out this risk assessment and develop emergency scenarios for the case of a restricted drinking water quality at the building water inlet.

In the risk assessment, all relevant influencing parameters are assessed together. The microbiological analyses and the recorded temperature values are investigated in detail as to how frequently deviations occur in the critical temperature ranges. This risk assessment can be carried out over the recorded temperature values as well as the microbiological analyses.


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