Hygiene concept

Drinking water hygiene is important and affects both our well-being and our health. Keeping this in mind, drinking water installations in buildings must be carefully planned, built and operated. GF Piping Systems provides systems and products for prevention, monitoring, intervention and risk assessment.

Hycleen – In four steps for optimal drinking water hygiene

Hycleen – In four steps for optimal drinking water hygiene

Even if quality drinking water is the rule in Central European countries, it is, of course, not the case. Water suppliers regularly check the drinking water quality regularly and with short intervals. On the way to the consumer, however, contamination and biological contamination can significantly interfere with drinking water hygiene. Above all, bacteria, fungi and spores in drinking water endanger our health.

It is therefore recommended to use the systematic concept of "integral drinking water hygiene". In order to ensure a high drinking water quality, the following four steps, which are to be considered as a self-contained process during the operation of a drinking water installation, are provided by:

Hygiene concept

1 Prevention

Hycleen - Step 1: Prevention

New installation concepts and measures promote the drinking water quality in the installation in a preventive manner and thus ensure a high level of drinking water hygiene.

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2 Monitoring

Hycleen - Step 2: Monitoring

Continuous monitoring ensures that drinking water hygiene remains at a high level during object operation.

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3 Intervention

Hycleen - Step 3: Intervention

If necessary, intervention should be minimised and only used as a last resort to ensure a high drinking water quality.

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4 Risk assessment

Hycleen - Step 4: Risk assessment

The risk assessment is particularly important in larger objects as the drinking water hygiene can change rapidly due to numerous influencing factors.

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Hycleen Services

Hycleen Services

The Hycleen Services supplements the drinking water hygiene concept (with the four steps), which you can use together or individually, according to your needs.

The services are aimed at operators of larger properties and reliably protect them against microbiological stress.

Preventive rinsing

Hycleen - Step 1: Prevention

Preventive rinsing during commissioning and use of a drinking water installation.

Targeted risk reduction by removal of migration substances and biofilm degradation


Legionellae sampling

Hycleen - Step 2: Monitoring

Legionellae sampling in drinking water installations, inspection and maintenance as well as preparation of a maintenance manual

Ensuring functional safety in the drinking water installation



Hycleen - Step 3: Intervention

Intervention in the drinking water installation with the highly effective, environmentally friendly disinfection system Hycleen Des 30

Experienced partner in the decontamination of drinking water installations


Risk assessment

Hycleen - Step 4: Risk assessment

Risk assessment of drinking water hygiene based on relevant aspects with independent hazard analysis

Neutral partner for carrying out a hazard analysis



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