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With Hycleen Industrial, we have developed an efficient disinfection process for the long-term safeguarding of hygiene in cooling water systems - highly effective against legionellae without hazardous chemicals and without damaging the environment. The heart of the system is the environmentally friendly disinfection system Hycleen Des 30. Hycleen Industrial meets the highest requirements in combination with sophisticated measuring and control technology (VDI 2047 page 2/42. BImSchV).

Industrial and process water

Cooling water - ideal prerequisites for legionella and other bacteria

Cooling water usually has a temperature of well over 25 °C. In addition, through the air-wash some nutrients (dust and pollen) can enter into the cooling water. The raised temperature and supply of sufficient nutrients are the best conditions for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms (e.g., algae). As a result, they multiply exponentially, produce unwanted biofilms and increase the risk of contamination with legionellae.

Hygienically perfect cooling water is crucial

Contamination of the cooling water must be prevented as this can be detrimental to human health and has a negative effect on the efficiency of the cooling tower.

Risk to humans

The contact of cooling water with air, causes the formation of the finest of water droplets (aerosols), which are released in the vicinity of the cooling tower. If these are contaminated with bacteria, e.g. with legionellae germs, this can lead to serious illnesses if the water vapour is inhaled.

Influence on the efficiency of the cooling tower

Bacteria and other microorganisms adhere to the surfaces of the cooling system and form a biofilm. Such a biofilm can significantly reduce circulation and heat transfer in the heat exchanger. This loss of heat transfer is markedly greater than that caused by calcification. In addition, the biofilm provides protection for the bacteria in which they can multiply and contaminate the entire system.

Hycleen Industrial

Environmentally friendly disinfection process for cooling towers

With Hycleen Industrial, the cooling water is protected from contamination with legionellae and the formation of a biofilm. The heart of the system is the disinfection system Hycleen Des 30. Hycleen Industrial disinfection procedure meets the highest requirements in combination with sophisticated measuring and control technology.

① Hycleen Des 30

The Hycleen Des 30 is a system for the on-site production of a highly effective disinfecting solution, which completely destroys germs due to its strong oxidation power.

  • Electrically activated disinfectant solution manufactured from highly pure salt and softened water
  • Efficacy according to DIN EN 13623 against legionellae pneumophila
  • Bacteria have no chance to form any kind of resistance


② Measuring and control technology

The Measuring and Control technology allows the intelligent dosing of the disinfectant. In addition, the cooling tower can be equipped with sensor technology for monitoring purposes.

  • State-of-the-art sensor technology with controller
  • Reliable dosing pumps
  • Optional with remote monitoring and data logger


Diagram of the Hycleen Des 30 Industrial disinfection processDiagram of the Hycleen Des 30 Industrial disinfection process

Hygiene advantagesThe high efficacy of the disinfectant in combination with the intelligent dosage improves hygiene in the cooling water and stabilises it sustainably at a low level.

1. Advantage: Hygiene

Highly effective disinfectant

High bactericidal effect and effective for controlling biofilms. Efficacy against legionellae according to DIN EN 13623.

Intelligent dosage

Fresh water is protected against germs. The ability of the bacteria to breed is destroyed when it enters the cooling system.

No resistance formation

Bacteria have no survival chances due to their oxidative destruction and therefore cannot develop any resistance.

Efficient cooling capacityBy preventing biofilm growth, the cooling system operates with 100% cooling capacity at all times. Increased energy costs and elaborate cleaning work are thus prevented.

2. Advantage: Efficiency

100% Cooling capacity

Full cooling performance at all times due to intelligent disinfection. There is no biofilm build-up in the heat exchanger.

Process stability

No quality loss due to reduced cooling capacity and no production downtime.

Longer service life

Disinfection solution is pH-neutral and corrosion-free, no microbial induced corrosion (MIC).

Environment and safetyOn-site production with salt eliminates the contact from humans and the environment with hazardous substances. Furthermore, greenhouse gas emissions caused by the manufacture, production and transport of biocides are reduced.

3. Advantage: Environment & Safety

Environmentally friendly disinfectant solution

No pollution of natural waters.

No hazardous chemicals

Production, transport, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals is dispensed with.

CO2 reduction

No energy-intensive production and transport of biocides.

CostsUsing the fully automatic on-site production of the disinfectant the running costs for the disinfection can be significantly reduced. The investment in the system equipment pays off in the shortest possible time.

4. Advantage: Costs

Cost-effective disinfection

Significantly reduced operating costs compared to conventional disinfection with biocides.

Fully automatic system

Easy handling, minimal use of personnel and reduced cleaning effort of the cooling system.

Energy saving

Cooling system has 100% performance, full heat transfer in the heat exchanger.

On-site production

Hycleen Des 30 – Disinfection system for on-site production of a highly active disinfectant (Anolyte & Anolyte Neutral) made using high-purity salt, softened water and electricity.

Without the use of hazardous chemicals, legionellae and other pathogens in drinking and cooling water are effectively combated. The on-site production without hazardous chemicals also does not pose a threat to handling and is particularly gentle on the environment.


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