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Hygiene concept

Drinking water hygiene with system

in four steps for optimal drinking water hygiene

Hygiene concept

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Drinking water hygiene services

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High drinking water quality is no accident

Inform yourself on our portal how optimal drinking water hygiene can be achieved and made sustainably.

The water supply companies supply drinking water to every building. With this, the strict legal requirements of the Food Act and the Drinking Water Ordinance are assured. However, the quality drinking water does not always reach the final consumer in the houses they live in. Microbiological stresses such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores in the drinking water installation system or in drinking water treatment often endanger the health of the inhabitants.


Hycleen - Step 1: Prevention

New installation concepts and measures promote the drinking water quality in the installation in a preventive manner and thus ensure a high level of drinking water hygiene.

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Hycleen - Step 2: Monitoring

Continuous monitoring ensures that drinking water hygiene remains at a high level during object operation.

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Hycleen - Step 3: Intervention

If necessary, intervention should be minimised and only used as a last resort to ensure a high drinking water quality.

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Risk assessment

Hycleen - Step 4: Risk assessment

The risk assessment is particularly important in larger objects as the drinking water hygiene can change rapidly due to numerous influencing factors.

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