LDC Plus Electrofusion Couplings

Reliable electrofusion couplings for water and gas applications providing fast, long lasting and safe connections for challenging installations of large dimension pipelines.

Features and Benefits

  • Coupling sizing range of 14" IPS to 24" IPS
  • Provide long lasting and safe connections
  • Extra-large inner diameter of the coupler permits easy assembly 
  • Smooth fusion zone (covered heating wires) allows for bind free installation
  • Corrosion-free, low weight, high chemical resistance and low overall cost
  • Exclusive use of PE4710 resin
  • No special EF processor required

Part Numbers

Part Number
Part NumberDescription
360045431Coupler PE4710 DR11 125/200 PSI 14" IPS
360045432Coupler PE4710 DR11 125/200 PSI 16" IPS
360045433Coupler PE4710 DR11 125/200 PSI 18" IPS
360045434Coupler PE4710 DR11 125/200 PSI 20" IPS
360045435Coupler PE4710 DR11 125/200 PSI 22" IPS
360045436Coupler PE4710 DR11 125/200 PSI 24" IPS
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