Adjustable HVTT Tapping Tool Teaser

Adjustable HVTT Tapping Tool

The HVTT Tapping tool is adjustable to three settings allowing for the full depth of the punch, and is designed for use on Conventional HVTT Fittings, Electrofusion HVTT Fittings and GFCP HiFlow HVTT Fitting.

Features & Benefits

The Adjustable HVTT Tapping tool is custom designed to adjust to three different settings by lifting the plunger and sliding the depth stop ring to the CF, EF or HF Setting, adjusting for the full depth of the punch.  This tool was designed for use on GFCP's Conventional HVTT Fittings, our Electrofusion HVTT Fittings and our NEW HiFlow HVTT Fitting.  

Product Name
Part Number
Product Name Part Number
Adjustable HVTT Tapping Tool 360065374
Adjustable Collar 360065372
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