K-Factor Calculator

K-Factor Calculator: Determine the number of pulses generated by GF Signet flow sensors

K-Factors are calibration values (pulses per unit of volume) used to convert flow sensor output frequencies to flow rates. This calculation tool helps you to determine the correct K-Factor for your flow sensor.

GF Signet publishes K-Factors for water only in gallons (pulses per gallon) and liters (pulses per liter) for all flow sensors, in all applicable pipe sizes and materials, and/or in all applicable installation fitting sizes and materials. Please contact GF Piping Systems Japan for JIS K-Factors.

K-Factors for fluids other than water must be determined empirically, typically on-site using a secondary standard. The number of pulses per volumetric unit may vary depending on the medium and the installation. For optimum performance, the system must be calibrated after installation

  • Select the type of fitting you use.
  • Choose the Signet Flow sensor you have in use.
  • Fill in the parameters to obtain K-Factor.

NOTE: For other pipe sizes, statistical K-Factors may be available in the online K-Factor Calculator tool. Alternatively, simply contact technical support for further information. Pipe roughness may affect the K-Factor, which is not considered in the calculation method. K-Factors for the following selections are calculated and are approximate values. To achieve the best results, please perform a flow calibration.


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