industrial applciations are one of the most demanding solutions for a piping system. Finding the right system is corrosion resistant, cost effective, and will last for years is a challenge. The ChlorFIT™  Schedule 80 Piping System from GF Piping Systems is an ideal choice for many of these applications. The high performance CPVC system has over a 30-year track record in the chemical process industry. 

The system reliably handles aggressive chemicals such as nitric acid, sodium chloride, sulfuric acid, phospohoric acid and hydrochloric acid. Please always check our chemical compatibility guide or contact your GF representative to ensure your parameters such as concentration, pressure and temperature are appropriate for ChlorFIT™ before specifying or installing the system. in addition, the system handles higher temperatures than most plastic piping systems, and is much lighter and easier to handle than metal solutions. It is always recommended to be a factory trained prior to installation. 

Size Range:

  • IPS OD, ½" - 24"

Pressure Rating:

  • Schedule 80 System (Varies by Size)

Operating Temperature:

  • 0°C - 93°C (32°F - 200°F)


  • Corzan® CPVC
Excellent chlorine resistance

Unlike other plastic piping systems, the ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 CPVC piping system is not susceptible to chlorine-related failures.

Highly robust

The ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 CPVC system is of industrial grade, with thicker walls and higher quality raw materials, making it a system you can truly rely on.

Inherent insulation

Metal pipes need to be insulated. The ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 CPVC piping system doesn’t. Its thick plastic wall inherently insulates, saving both time and money.

Highly resistant to corrosion

With today’s varying water quality, anti-corrosive piping systems are a must. ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 is highly resistant to corrosion and lasts for decades.

Plastic Pipes

Sturdy and lightweight, plastic pipes are ideal for use in a wide range of applications. Versatile yet durable, these all-rounders offer exceptional reliability and proven quality.

Adapters & Transitions

Adapters and transitions are essential for connecting metal with plastic pipes or even two plastic pipes. This range covers multiple materials and offers reliable connections while offering high flexibility during assembly.

Bends & Elbows

Bends and elbows are essential fittings that easily change the direction of pipes. The extensive range available offers not only multiple materials but also different curvature degrees to easily fit your piping system.

Caps & End Caps

Caps provide a tight seal and stop the flow direction of a piping system. GF Piping System caps are available in different dimensions, different plastic materials and malleable iron to fit all of your needs. Temporary caps ease the pressure testing of an installed pipeline.

Couplers & Sockets

Simplify the pipe installation process with couplers and sockets. Specially designed to slide easily over pipes with no extra equipment required, they are cemented, welded or mechanically connected to create a pressure-tight joint.

Flange Connections

Flange connections are often the best mechanical connection between pipe segments or for installing valves up to very big dimensions.


Reducers are used for effecting a smooth transition between two pipes or fittings with different dimensions. The wide selection available covers an exceptionally diverse area of applications. They are available in short or long versions and in centric or excentric versions.

Tees, Y-Pieces and Crosses

When creating branch lines, lightweight tee, wye, and cross fittings make installation much easier. These fittings are made from a range of materials and malleable iron and cover multiple dimension possibilities including various reductions on the same fitting.


Unions are the best mechanical connection between pipe segments and for installing all kinds of components up to the dimensions of d110/DN100. Unions are available in a wide range of materials and jointing options. The connection is fast and very robust.

Clamping and Installation Tools

Designed for stress-free installation with minimal movement during the welding and cooling process, these tools can be clamped into position with ease. The GF Piping Systems range includes multiple innovative variants for maximum practicality.


Benjamin Levie

Product Manager