It quickly connects to virtually any existing 8.25" for Commercial and 6" for Residential on-center meter set, whether it's composed of a prefabricated steel set or a malleable meter bar combined with swivels and nuts. It's adaptable to many combinations of meter nuts. Its aluminum body is coated with a UV resistant gas gray polyester to keep unit looking good and protected for years of service. The Co-Pilot is self-contained. It is tamper-proof, with a custom activation key, and optional locking devices that provide multiple levels of security.

The Co-Pilot provides a user-friendly gas meter bypass and purge solution. The Co-Pilot can be used on new or existing installations.

Once installed, meters can be bypassed and serviced without gas supply interruption to the property. Options include a locking cap device or custom lock assembly and key for by-pass.


  • Pressure rating: 25 psi max
  • Working temperature range: -30°F to 120°F
  • Pressure rating: 10 psi max
  • Working temperature range: -30°F to 120°F
Features and Benefits
  • Co-Pilot is self-contained: kit does not require additional parts to function
  • Universal connection capabilities to most existing 6" on-center meter sets
  • Reduced liability to the customer and service provider in by-passing the meter
  • Reduces total cost of ownership to both the customer and the service provider by eliminating scheduled and unscheduled meter appointments
  • Significantly reduces labor time and eliminates service interruption
  • Overall adaptability for all meter changes outs
  • Optional locking choices
  • UV/Corrosion resistance
  • Tamper resistant

Optional Features: 

  • Residential
    • Vertical or Horizontal Lock Cover, Special Locking Key and Cover and Test Port can be added upon request
  • Commercial
    • Horizontal Lock Cover
Part Numbers

Male Swivel Meter Bypass Part Numbers

Without Lock PlateWith Lock Plate
36006363120LT×6.00 C/C36006436020LT×6.00 C/C
3600636321A×6.00 C/C36006436110LT×6.00 C/C
3600636331.25×6.00 C/C3600643621A×6.00 C/C
36006363410LT×6.00 C/C 3600643631.25×6.00 C/C
36006435930LT×6.00 C/C36006436430LT×6.00 C/C

Commercial Co-Pilot Part Numbers

With Lock Plate
36009284930LT x 8.25 C/C
36009285045LT x 8.25 C/C

*Actuation Key Sold Separately

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