The iKLIMA floor heating and cooling system is easy to install and provides high comfort coupled with maximum energy and cost efficiency.

The iKLIMA floor heating system is ideal for achieving optimum temperature distribution in the room. The heat rising from the warm floor provides a heating curve for all types of rooms that optimally meets your needs. Humidity is also easier to regulate. In addition, the exceptional energy and cost efficiency of the heating system protects the climate and lowers operating costs. 

High level of comfort

As it is installed in the floor, the iKLIMA heating and cooling system ensures optimum temperature distribution and therefore an extremely pleasant room temperature.

Flexible system

Without radiators, completely new possibilities open up for interior planning, design and decoration. This flexibility also offers advantages for listed buildings.

Dust-free and hygienic

Floor heating systems do not have air currents or fans that spread dirt, dust or other allergens in the room air.


According to studies, floor heating systems work more effectively than other room heating systems. This higher energy efficiency reduces operating costs and protects the environment.

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