A mainstay of the GF Piping Systems product range, COOL-FIT 2.0 is a plastic chilled-water piping system that is guaranteed not to corrode or be affected by the formation of condensation. The rapid installation time and high energy efficiency make this system a prime option for building owners, general contractors and planners as part of commercial/residential construction, data center design and process cooling applications.


Installing COOL-FIT pipes, fittings and valves is fast and simple. To get the best performance out of your COOL-FIT installation, the right sealing technology is needed.
The process takes only a few minutes and the MSA welding equipment from GF Piping Systems ensures a secure connection. Watch GF Piping Systems' Tips & Tricks Video series to install your next COOL-FIT project with even more confidence.

Episode 1: Mounting assembly aid
Episode 2: MSA remote
Episode 3: Installation of valves and flange connections
Episode 4: Barrel nipple
Episode 5: Sealing Tape
Episode 6: Sealing clamp
Episode 7: Tension-free installation
value-bar-icon-6 30% better energy efficiency

The system’s innovative plastic design minimizes pressure losses and keeps thermal conductivity low for more energy efficiency than metal piping alternatives.

value-bar-icon-5 50% faster installation time

The intuitive 3-in-1 pipe, insulation and jacket design paired with electrofusion jointing halves installation time, thereby reducing on-site work and labor costs.

value-bar-icon-3 100% corrosion-free

Fully safeguarded against corrosion and condensation, with minimal maintenance required, COOL-FIT 2.0 is ideal for industrial cooling applications.

value-bar-icon-2 Minimal environmental impact

COOL-FIT 2.0 minimizes CO2 emissions and reduces energy loss by 35% on average compared to metal piping systems post-insulated with rubber-based foam.

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