With more than 60,000 products, GF Piping Systems can offer complete plastic piping system solutions. As a vast majority of these products can be made available using different types of plastic, our customers can take advantage of our extensive portfolio for the application of their mechanical service. Utilise our team of thermoplastic experts to determine the best material for your project!

value-bar-icon-1 Hygiene solutions for potable water supply in buildings

We offer dead space free piping systems and valves for the prevention of microbiological contamination. Our hygiene solutions include reliable measurement, control technology and intervention measures to ensure the highest standards for sensitive or larger buildings, such as hotels and hospitals.

value-bar-icon-3 Comfort for living and during operating

Thanks to the full flow design of our fittings, we are offering piping systems with minimal pressure losses and noise generation. In addition, our drainage waste water pipes are mineral reinforced and therefore soundproof. Benefit from our solutions that provide the desired water temperature immediately and enjoy the maximum comfort in your bathroom.

value-bar-icon-5 Simple and easy to use, operate and fast to install

We are providing high quality and easy to install solutions for homeowners, operators and planners for maintaining drinking water hygiene in hot and cold water supply, drainage, heating and cooling of residential and commercial buildings.

value-bar-icon-3 High standards for energy-efficiency and sustainability

We are offering energy-efficient systems and solutions including reliable measurement and control technology to ensure a high level of comfort and to minimize energy consumption and temperature loss of hot water supply pipes inside the buildings.

Reliability and cost savings with plastic

The plastic piping systems by GF Piping Systems are non-corrosive and do not need replacing throughout the entire service life of the system. Therefore, they contribute to the increased reliability of the system while lowering maintenance costs and staff requirements. Weighing up to 60 percent less than metal systems, they have lower static requirements and are easier to transport. Innovative jointing technologies such as cementing or integrated electrofusion allow them to be installed up to 50 percent faster. What is more, their low carbon dioxide footprint, energy efficiency, and recyclability are essential elements in lowering their environmental impact.

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Building Technologies

The right solutions for your potable water, drainage, heating and cooling applications - durable piping solutions developed to meet the highest standards of the modern building.


Comfort, hygiene and sustainability are key trends in retail applications, as it relies on environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems, together with durable and hygienic potable water installations. 


To use production areas efficiently, it is often necessary to relocate part of the installation outdoors, such as on the roof. No problem for COOL-FIT 4.0: the system is watertight, weatherproof, and resistant to UV radiation.


The most widespread in piping system construction is PE for use in underground gas and water pipe. In this area, polyethylene has become the dominant material in many countries.

Chilled Water & Heating Hot Water

Extensive range of plastic piping systems for cooling and heating applications.

Condenser Water

Benefit from our lightweight and non-corrosive piping systems for your cooling tower.

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