Type PA11/21 Pneumatic Actuators


Our Pneumatic Full Plastic Actuators PA11/21 can serve you in many ways. They are available with or without stroke limiter as well as in the different modes of operation.

Accessory assembly to our PA11/21 is easy due to the new position indicator with integrated NAMUR interface.

The flange interface also corresponds naturally to the NAMUR standard; therefore, third party valves are no problem.

Product Overview

Technical Data:

Size Range:

  • PA11, from d16 up to d32, (DN10, up to DN25)
  • PA21, from d40 up to d63, (DN32, up to DN50)

Nominal Torque:

  • 10 Nm (7.4 lb. ft)

Peak Torque:

  • 20 Nm (15 lb. ft)

Cycle time:

  • 1 - 2 s, with throttle valve up to 5 s

Operation pressure max:

PN7 (101 PSI)

Working principle:

  • Rack and pinion

Operation media:

  • Neutral, non-corrosive gases (fluids on request)

Modes of operation:

  • Fail-safe Close (FC)
  • Fail-safe Open (FO)
  • Double Acting (DA)


  • ISO 5211
  • PA11: F04
  • PA21: F05


  • Robust PP-GF housing
  • Full plastic actuator
  • Position indicator with integrated NAMUR interface
  • Fast cycle times
  • Very good price-performance ratio for all types
  • Multi-functional model available with different limit switch types




  • Position Feedback
  • Digital Positioner
  • Connection to ASI Bus System available
  • Adapter for F04 and F05 interface