PROGEF® Standard PP



PROGEF® Standard system is an optimal solution tailored for a wide variety of industrial applications due to its beneficial properties.

PROGEF® Standard has been designed to be highly resistant to impact, abrasion and many chemicals.

These properties make it the ideal system for industrial applications, for example, chemical production, chemical distribution, galvanization and power stations.

Product Overview

Technical Data:

Size Range:        

  • d16 - d500 mm (⅜" - 20")             

Pressure Rating:              

  • d16 - d225 mm, SDR11: PN10 (150 PSI)       
  • d50 - d225 mm, SDR17.6: PN6 (90 PSI)    
  • d250 - d500 mm, SDR11: PN10 (150 PSI)
  • d250 - d500mm, SDR17.6: PN6 (90 PSI)            

Operating Temperature:             

  • 0°C - 80°C (32°F - 176°F)  

Joining Technology         

  • IR Plus Fusion: d20 - d225 mm   
  • Butt Fusion: d20 - d500 mm        
  • Socket Fusion: d16 - d110 mm   

Standard Ratings:            

  • FDA CFR 21 177.1520      
  • USP 25 Class VI 
  • NSF 61          


  • Beta Polypropylene Homopolymer (Beta PP-H)

Fields of Application:

  • RO/DI Water Conveyance  
  • Process Cooling Water         
  • Chemical Process Industry
  • Food Processing     


  • High quality system solution with a favorable price to performance ratio      
  • Great surface finish and leach out characteristics     
  • High impact strength             
  • High resistance to chemicals and temperatures        
  • Performs well over a long period of time     
  • Outstanding weldability        


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