A sustainable Supply of Water for Rottweil with ELGEF Plus Electrofusion Systems

A global scarcity of resources is a compelling reason for businesses and people to use raw materials more responsibly. Modern municipal water supply concepts must therefore not only consider such aspects as the structural development of the region and the population’s quality of life, but must also integrate the sustainable use of water in their policy planning.

electrofusion systems

In drawing up and implementing a new water supply concept for the German city of Rottweil, city officials were called upon to ensure that the municipal water supply was reliable, economical and sustainable and that the water supply was secured in the long term.  As a prominent public utilities company in the region, ENRW Energy Supply Rottweil is instrumental in realizing this project. GF Piping Systems has been a partner of ENRW for many years and supplies the polyethylene (PE) electrofusion fittings and adaptors for renovation of the pump line in Eschachtal, initiated in the first phase of the project.

A technology that promises quality

The water supply concept aims to increase the share of inherent water use from 25% to 50% in the course of the next five years.  For the required renovation and re-dimensioning of the nearly 100-year-old water pipelines as well as for the new sections, the material polyethylene and the proven ELGEF Plus electrofusion technology were chosen. The heating-coil fusion with ELGEF Plus sockets and fittings features easy handling, fast processing and maximum reliability. Homogenous joints and high-quality jointing are also warranted for installations with large-sized pipes, which are commonly found in water supply applications. The fact that the geometry of the pipes and fittings has been designed to be user-friendly means that installation of large-dimensioned pipes, joints and connections can be completed easily and comfortably.

Proven modular system for greater flexibility

Thanks to the unique modularity of the ELGEF Plus electrofusion system, decisive added value is generated in terms of cost and application efficiency.  Because they are multi-dimensionally modular and compatible within the entire system, the individual system components can be easily combined as required by the specific application. This diversity allows ENRW maximum flexibility on site and at the same time saves money due to the fewer number of parts required overall. Specialist teams from GF Piping Systems are driving forces in developing the solutions that are adapted to individual on-site requirements and are dependable partners in implementing them.





System and product selection:

  • d 355mm pump lines
  • d 450mm distribution lines
  • d 355mm distribution lines
  • d 315mm Lake of Constance line
  • d 110mm gas lines, 3km, pressure 2.8 bar