NBB Berlin-Brandenburg Grid trusts in ELGEF Plus branch saddle system for renovation of gas lines

The responsible use of energy resources is increasingly important in today’s world. Policymakers, industry and business are now more than ever confronted with the challenge of sustainable energy management. On a regional or local level, cities and grid companies must take the targets of the national energy policy into consideration when supplying the public with energy. A secure supply, environmental and climate compatibility as well as economic efficiency all have high priority.


Periodic maintenance and renovation work as well as a continual expansion of the network infrastructure are prerequisite for a secure regional and interregional supply.  Having supplied the city with gas for over 160 years, GASAG represents an important part of Berlin’s history. Together with the grid operator, NBB Netzgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg (NBB), operating in the GASAG supply area and beyond, GASAG maintains a distribution network of over 13 000 km in Berlin and Brandenburg, safely and reliably supplying over 170 cities and communities with energy, making it one of the largest local network operators in Germany.

Great system diversity for large dimensions

Where pipes in large dimensions are concerned, plastic piping systems are the trend. It was therefore not surprising that GASAG/NBB relied and still rely on polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings for the renovation of a 1000 mm cast iron pipeline in Berlin’s city center, which was performed in the relining method. The construction work on the reference site was completed by the installation and engineering firm Märkischen Rohrleitungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH + Co.KG in Bernau. Products from GF Piping Systems were used because the two companies had already worked together on similar projects with highly successful results. In addition, the GF system for mains from d315 to d2000 mm and outlets in d160, d225, d315 and d500 offered more flexibility in the application than other systems.

Lateral connection much easier

Connecting branch lines to existing pipes in large dimensions presents a particular problem in renovation projects. With the new Topload ELGEF Plus branch saddle system, creating required branch lines, particularly to lines in operation, is now easier, safer and more economical – even in situations where space is limited, for example, in a trench.  The key advantage of the ELGEF Plus branch saddle system is that it is based on the time-tested concept of the popular ELGEF Plus modular system. Modular and multidimensional system components, functional design and self-explanatory installation principle are features which convince suppliers, pipeline constructors and installers alike. The peeling tool included in the installation set ensures the oxide layer is removed evenly and reproducibly in the fusion area during prepping. No more impractical and unreliable scraping by hand. An indispensable plus in regard to application safety.

The customer benefits from the quality of the system, the expertise of the installation partners and the close constructive cooperation of all involved in the project. 


Successfully realized projects


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System and product selection:

  • PE 100 pipe d450 mm, SDR 17
  • Topload ELGEF Plus branch saddle system with d225 mm outlets 
  • Topload TL 225 installation set consisting of transport case, lashing belts, multidimensional clamping set and peeling tool
  • GF compass saw for PE pipes