Hycleen Automation System - Revolutionising Sanitary Automation Processes and Securing Safe Supply of Drinking Water

The Hycleen Automation System is a state-of-the-art circulation control system that is particularly quick and easy to install and commission. It allows for all system data to be logged, evaluated and displayed on a 10-inch touch screen. All system data can conveniently be monitored remotely; status information and unusual occurrences are reported through push messages.

Simply Controlling all Valves with One Master

The Hycleen Automation System by GF Piping Systems offers a sophisticated package for the automation of drinking water installations. Sensors and controllers integrated in the valves log the required data. The master controls all processes and supports with its applications a hygienically impeccable, optimized drinking water installation through logging and reporting. The synchronised components are wired to each other in a way which is easy to handle.

Hycleen Automation System

Your Benefits


Uniformly high temperatures and regular water exchange
Prevention of biofilm formation and Legionella infestation thanks to hydraulic alignment and automatic flushing.


Central control and status display
Easy control of sanitary technology via central user interface without manual intervention at valves and sensors.

Monitoring and Safety

Logging and reporting
Monitoring and storage of temperature data in automatically generated reports.
Retrieving data through a building management system possible.

Remote monitoring ***
Monitoring via external devices such as smartphone, tablet or computer possible.


Safe and fast to plan
Dimensioning the system according to simple rules.
Applications and all parameters easily programmable through master.
Hydraulic alignment without complicated calculations.


Plug & Play
Simple installation with only one cable for power and data.
Fast, software-assisted commissioning.
Master automatically detects type and ID of all connected controllers.

Smart operation
Clear and easy-to-use interface. Bluetooth connection via smartphone or tablet possible.

Property Operators

Low-maintenance drinking water system
Thorough flushing of all runs in an automated cleaning process.

Low risk application
Monitoring and logging of hygienic precautions.
Safe data access by detecting approved external devices.

Support during planning and commissioning. Data analysis and advice during operation. Data read-outs and software updates.

Hycleen Automation System

Safe and Hygienically Optimized Drinking Water Installation

Hycleen - 4 steps to safe drinking water hygiene

With its Hycleen Automation System, GF Piping Systems supports planners, installers and property operators in a variety of ways to implement the concept of „Hycleen – 4 steps to safe drinking water hygiene“.

The central data storage and control through the master, the powerful LegioTherm valves and sensors as well as the easy-to-operate software and the smart LegioTherm applications make it possible to automate important hygienic precautions.

  • Sufficient circulation in all piping sections
  • Ensuring the minimum temperature according to local requirements and standards
  • Constant hydraulic alignment in all operating phases
  • Regular water exchange through automatic flushing
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Storing measuring data and logging of hygienic precautions
  • Regular thermal disinfection / chemical disinfection
Risk assessment
  • Comprehensive database for status and risk assessment

Temperature-Sensitive Hydraulic Alignment

Especially in larger hot water distribution systems – e.g. in hospitals, hotels, nursing homes – stagnation, rough surfaces and temperatures below 50 °C can promote the formation of biofilms and thus the proliferation of Legionella. That is why the prevention of Legionella, sufficiently high temperatures and regular water exchange are of paramount importance.

Automatic Flushing

Depending on Temperature, Stagnation Time or Programmed

If water stagnates over a longer period, bacteria can multiply in it until a dangerous concentration is reached. If the entire volume in the drinking water distribution (cold and hot water) is exchanged within three days, the bacteria are flushed out of the drinking water installation and the bacteria concentration drops to a harmless level.

The Hycleen Automation System allows automatic flushing of cold and hot water supply lines depending on the temperature or a specific time of day (timer).

Installation DiagramInstallation Diagram

2T DN15 Rot 3D mit Dämmung transparent 2


The LegioTherm 2T and LegioTherm K valves, together with the master, are at the heart of the Hycleen Automation System. Water temperature readings are permanently taken by the valves; the values are passed on to the master. The valves are activated dependent on preprogrammed parameters. During commissioning, all valves are automatically detected by the master by their ID.

JRG LegioTherm 2T circulation controller

  • Adjustable leakage rate flow rate when the valve is
  • Higher linearity and more precise regulation thanks to special cone profile
  • Application: hydraulic calibration, thermal disinfection, maintenance flushing (once a week) LegioTherm K flush valve
  • Adjustable valve stroke: Flow rate with open valve
  • Application: Flushing of cold or hot water installation

LegioTherm K flush valve

  • Adjustable valve stroke: Flow rate with open valve
  • Application: Flushing of cold or hot water installation



Flushing valve JRG LegioTherm K must not be used without the consent of the holder of patents EP 1 845 207 B1 and DE 10 2006 017 807 B4 for use in a water system of the type described in these patents.

Possible uses

Old people‘s homes

Hygiene is very important in old people‘s homes because their inhabitants are of older age and often immunocompromised. That is why, safety of the drinking water is of central importance. Retirement home operators are well advised to pay special attention to hygiene in the drinking water installation in order to exclude health risks for their inhabitants as far as possible.


In many hotels, rooms and tapping points are not permanently in use. Especially in view of occasional vacancies, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the hygiene in the drinking water installations and to flush them regularly. Highest drinking water quality is important, since hotels provide accommodation to people with diverse health condition - an important point for operators in their effort to make all guests feel comfortable.


Hospital hygiene must meet the highest standards. Safe and hygienically impeccable water supply is crucial here. Drinking water is in use everywhere - when washing your hands before surgery, cleaning surgical instruments and hospital equipment, providing catering services, up to cleaning the hospital or doing the laundry.

You simply cannot do without hygienically impeccable water. Rules of conduct in hospitals help combat the spread of infections. The Hycleen Automation System ensures efficient protection from contamination in the piping system, a sustainable protection from infection and helps to prevent nosocomial infections.

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