Pressure control for dosing applications

Sep 3, 2015 10:00 AM

Whether it is dosing water, chemicals or any other media – customized dosing applications require flexible components. The German company UTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH adapts each plant with corresponding components to its customers needs. Like in cleaning in place applications (CIP). GF Piping Systems new pressure regulating valves type 582/586 are an important part of these installations.


The internationally active UTEC provides a wide range of dosing applications for brewing and film technology as well as for biogas plants. The product and service variety also contains plastic, piping and container construction and furthermore tanks. Their expertise compromises the classics of environmental technology such as sewage technology, water treatment and waste water neutralization.

Through compatible units the UTEC installations can be easily connected to mixing vessels and storage tanks. All necessary sensors and/or interfaces ar attuned to each other and tested to ensure a smooth operation. The dosing systems are available in various materials such as polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), as well as stainless steel. The dosing rates range up to 10,000 l/h. Upon delivery they are ready for installation. Only the electric or hydraulic connection has to be made on site.

UTEC offers dosing for industrial applications typically used for pH regulation – e.g. neutralization or compensation – or fine tuning of process control. Normally aggressive chemicals such as mineral acids or alkalis are used for these purposes. Here is an example: For cleaning in place applications (CIP) in the pharmaceutical industry this would be nitric acid (HNO3) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Therefore careful selection of the material for the piping components is important to avoid corrosion and environmental risks. Stainless steel piping systems are almost unable to withstand the concentrations of acids respectively bases and the temperatures in the cleaning process for long. Plastic piping systems are much more resistant, require little maintanence and are thus more economical. Plastics, in this case PVDF, offer a wide range of opportunities depending on the concentration of the chemicals and the operating conditions. With equipment from UTEC those chemicals are mixed before the CIP process. These mixtures are used for flushing and disinfecting the production plants. The pump capacity in this plant amounts 600l/h. For the dimension DN20/25 two valves size DN15 are used. One operates as relief valve with a set pressure of 7 bar and the other one as pressure retaining valve with a pressure setting of 2.5 bar. In dosing plants the pressure retaining valve is used to deliver a predefined pressure to the pump at any time. The relief valve ensures safety.

Flexible solution for highest demands

Customer requirements are often difficult to predict. However, quality and delivery times are always essential. All the better if components are standardized and can be customized depending on the application. Like the new pressure regulating valves type 582/586 from GF Piping Systems – available in various materials (PVC-U, PVC-C, PP and PVDF) and with different connections. Thanks to the versions with spigot or true union connection the system is virtually unlimited. Material transition can be managed effortlessly with a standard insert to the union connection. A pressure gauge can be installed on both sides of the valve – optional for both types - either pressure reducing valve or pressure retaining valve. Depending on the aggressiveness of the medium a custom-developed gauge guard can be mounted, too.

Decisive for the use of GF Piping Systems valves was according to Christian Hermann, Managing Director of UTEC, the high quality standard and the plain design of the product. “It was not just the wide range of variations that convinced us,” said Hermann, “but also the opportunity to easily maintain and repair the valves.” This is very important to save time meaning lower costs for the customer, who can maintain the plant by himself.

Save operation

The design with its various details simplifies the handling and provides a high degree of process reliability. Thanks to the central plastic-plastic thread the tedious tightening of metal bolts is not longer necessary. Temperature changes in operation or while transport do not affect the valves any longer. Even in harsh conditions the unique design ensures that the setpoint is held reliably.

Easy handling

There are more details to make daily routine easier, for example flow direction arrows which are molded into the valve bodies. With these the mounting postion of the valve remains clearly visible even after the revision. As the valves can be mounted in any position, the embedded arrows in the valve housing top are useful when it comes to reducing (P-) or increasing (P+) the set pressure.

The cartridge design offers a user-friendly solution for maintenance. The diaphragms including the piston unit can be changed without much effort as a complete cartridge and the process can continue. If particles in the medium block the cartridge, it can be removed, cleaned and put back into operation easily.

Perfect planning

Dosing unit

Very often valves are sized too large causing unpleasant noise in the pipe by vibrations. With the new “online sizing tool” ( for the valve type 582/586, however, it is a breeze to find the right valves, even for less experienced users. Christian Hermann cofirmes: “Once you are familiar with  the sizing tool, you’re valves do not “whistle” anymore…”

UTEC is satisfied with the suppliers service. “The cooperation with GF Piping Systems is very good,” says Hermann. “The company not only provides high product availability and is known worldwide. Above all, the qualified support and advice in all cases convinced us”, he summarizes.



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